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The photo that I use in most of my promotions is a picture of my portable store set up in the exchange at Scott Air Force Base. In the center of the kiosk is a display of items I use to both capture attention and hopefully tell a story. I want my business to convey the idea that life is an adventure and an incredible journey. Life is an epic experience that encourages exploration. And, the everyday ordinary, as well as the extraordinary discoveries in life deserve to be recorded. This, of course, suggests that you may need a journal or a notebook as you travel!

The items used as my centerpiece include an old, worn vintage suitcase, an older globe, binoculars and a leather notebook cover which also holds a passport. The story is built around these simple, subtle, and suggestive symbols.

The Suitcase: represents who we are by what we carry with us. There are some things better left behind (we call them “baggage”), but even in this old suitcase are things we will need along the way.

The Globe: speaks to us of travel. There are places we have already been and places yet to go.

The Binoculars: encourage vision. They are asking the questions of what are you looking at now and what do you want to see?

The story is yours to tell. Where have you been? Where are you going? What have you seen? What are you learning?

So what journey do you have to journal about? Here are some ideas:

  • Your Family Journey. History, recent marriages, arrival and stories of that new baby.

  • Your Educational Journey. What life lessons you're learning as well as academics and the people you've met along the way (teachers, professors, and classmates).

  • Your Vacation and Travels Journey. Camping, hiking, National Parks, interesting side trips.

  • Your Health and Wellness Journey. Battling a serious sickness, recovery, fitness goals, etc.

  • Your Military Journey. Recruitment to basic training to deployment, there will be many stories!

And, most important of all:

  • Your Spiritual Journey. Record for your legacy the testimonies of personal experiences with God, prayer lists and prayers answered, bible study notes, sermon notes, trials and triumphs!

Don't ever underestimate the importance of what you are writing down; this is documented evidence that you were here, you lived a life...and your life matters!

I love the quote from Barbara Morina, the Founder and President of Journals Unlimited (one of the companies I carry), and printed on the inside first page of many of their products:

"Life is an adventure. It’s not the destination we reach that’s most rewarding. It’s the journey along the way. So Write it Down! & Treasure the memory forever."

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