Notebook and Pen

The Story of

Jot 'n Journal

We began as a small, portable business setting up a display of journals, notebooks, and pens at a variety of events such as vendor fairs, expos and bazaars. Our desire was to interact with customers in conversations about a common interest that we call:

"The simple PLeasure of Paper and Pen"

Carrying an assortment of products from a handful of quality companies Jot n Journal is now online to service return customers after an event and connecting with new


The words "jot" and "journal" describe two very different writing styles.

 JOT: is to write something quickly, in short notes or small amounts. Jotters are those who see the importance of recording things for reference later. Jotters love and use NOTEBOOKS.

JOURNAL: is a more formal and commited style of writing. Journalers often prefer more durable and attractive means for containing their thoughts such as LEATHER BOUND or HARDBACK JOURNALS.